Fall 2020 Clients

Every semester, we undergo a client application process where we select 4 clients that we will undergo engagement with over the course of 10 weeks. Apply online through our portal today! We look forward to hearing from you, working with you, and providing solutions for your company.

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Our Services

Market Research

We analyze landscape trends, evaluate competitors, and interview user groups to better understand opportunities within our clients’ target market.

Product Marketing

Informing our decisions with research findings, we strategize how our clients can best reach, convert, and maintain their desired audience.

Data Analysis

Employing querying and visualization tools like Tableau and SQL, we use data to tell compelling stories and motivate our proposals.

UI/UX Prototyping

We develop fully clickable Figma prototypes, iteratively refine them with feedback from user tests, and demonstrate identified user flows.

Software Engineering

From chatbots to custom tools, we ideate, design, and develop innovative technical solutions responsive to our client’s needs.

Web & Mobile Development

Motivated by the client’s brand, their audience, and UX design best practices, we develop complete sites and applications from design to deployment.

Client Testimonials

“Quokka Brew loved working with the DiversaTech team! With a hands on approach, DiversaTech was able to offer not only valuable insights, but also acted on those insights to bring their recommendations to life. We were blown away by their professionalism as well as their strong work ethic. When the pandemic hit, DiversaTech didn’t miss a beat, sticking to the original schedule and delivering an amazing app prototype for us to take to the next step of development. Thank you DiversaTech!”

Gabriel Bloch

Head of Business Development & Strategy, Quokka Brew

“DiversaTech’s in-depth competitive analysis and personalized recommendations jumpstarted PayPal’s entry into a new product space. The team persevered in understanding the complexities of the fintech landscape, apparent by their preparation and professionalism in each meeting. We enjoyed working with DiversaTech and look forward to maintaining our relationship with the team.”

“The DiversaTech team was a pleasure to work with. To make sure the engagement was productive, the team invested time upfront scoping the project and clarifying the questions we were trying to answer. I thought the way they handled this process was impressive. Once we got into the project, I was not only satisfied by the team's quality of work, but also their ability to lend a fresh perspective to problems I think about on a day-to-day basis. Their research was thorough, they were receptive to feedback, and their recommendations balance creativity with practicality. I'd happily recommend working with the team.”

Select Past Clients

DiversaTech has served dozens of businesses across nearly every industry and sector.