About Us

Who We Are

We are the leading student-run technology consulting organization at UC Berkeley, founded in 2016 and active since. Every academic semester, we work with 4 different clients and recruit new consultants to join our project teams. Our projects range from strategy and research to data analysis and app development. Learn more about what we do on our Clients page.

Our consulting project teams bring an interdisciplinary approach to solving challenging industry problems. As much of today’s workforce, especially in tech, relies on cross-team collaboration in order to successfully build and launch a product, we feel it is important to emulate this interdisciplinary structure in our projects as well.

Mission Statement

We strongly believe that the most innovative and creative solutions arise from diversity of thought. We encourage students of all backgrounds to connect, collaborate, and create through our consulting projects.

While other consulting organizations are composed of mostly business or economics majors, we seek to channel the many ways Cal prepares students across various majors, from humanities to STEM, to analyze and solve problems. Our unique approach enables us to provide not only technical recommendations, but also valuable insights into marketing, sales, strategy, design, and more, ultimately briding the quantitative with the qualitative.

Dedicated to Diversity

Our diversity in thought is reflected in not only our words, but also our numbers. We value members from different backgrounds and are driven to create a welcoming atmosphere for anyone who joins our club. We continuously look to uplift the representation of underrepresented minorities in tech and business within our club, through actively hosting diversity events throughout the semester and engaging with other diversity-focused organizations.

*This data was collected on members in Spring 2019.

Meet the Team

Executive Board

Michelle Zhang


Alexandra Lipton


Saralynn Chick

Internal VP

Denny Dang

External VP

Julia Liu

VP of Marketing

Zen Thumparkkul

VP of Projects

Project Managers

Abhinav Jaddu

Project Manager

Jaide Lin

Project Manager

Karen Tan

Project Manager

Mallika Chennupaty

Project Manager

Michael Kosasih

Project Manager

Stella Kim

Project Manager

Varun Jadia

Project Manager

Zihan Wen

Project Manager